Meet The Team

Donna Giesler, Owner/Coach

CFL1, CFL2, USAW L1 Sports Performance, TFW L1 & L2

A lifelong athlete, Donna grew up playing soccer, swimming and diving.   After 12 years of corporate life, bodybuilding splits, and missing the adrenaline rush of competitive sports,  she found triathlon racing, boot camp style workouts, and ultimately fell in love with CrossFit.    The transition from athlete to coach came naturally from a desire to show people that fitness can and should be fun.  Now it’s her mission to promote growth and positivity in each individual athlete through the programs and awesome community at CFTB.

Yuri Salnikov, Owner/Coach

CF-L1, CF-L2, NASM, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

For over a decade, he’s transformed clients of all shapes and sizes into the best version of themselves. “No one is too out of shape to get to where they want to be. It just takes a little more time and effort.” Yuri specializes in injury prevention and rehabilitation. He wants all our members to look good, feel good, and live good. That means making your overall health a main priority. With Yuri’s help, you’ll get fitter, while training better and smarter.

Anna Luber, Coach

CF-L1, CF-L2

Growing up as a gymnast and a collegiate rower, it was her mom who turned Anna on to CrossFit.  Her experience includes training and competing at an elite level and coaching in boxes from Philly to Colorado to Kentucky and now here at CFTB.   With a degree in Sports Psychology, an upbeat midwestern disposition and experienced athletic eye, she has a gift for consistently empowering others to reach their fitness goals.  When she’s not coaching or training, you can find Anna playing with her dog or learning new ways to improve performance in herself and others.

Alejandra Sibaja, Sweat Rx Coach

Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

Alejandra loves fitness and it shows!  Always up for anything, and the harder the workout, the happier she is.  She packs a lot of punch into every hour and delivers crushing workouts with a smile and a ton of encouragement. If you want a fat-burning, calorie busting, sweat producing workout, look no further than her HIIT classes.   They’re high-energy, full of variety, and always a lot of fun!

 Whitney Garlick, Coach

CFL1, Dr. of Physical Therapy

Personal Training and Sports Training in Bridgwater, NJ
Whitney is our resident Physical Therapist.  She brings knowledge of proper movement and bio-mechanics, all tied together with her CrossFit L1 Certification.  She helps our members with mobility, flexibility and living a pain-free life.

Russell Commune, Coach


Crossfit coach in Bridgewater, Raritan NJ

Russ has been in strength and performance training for over a decade, and it shows in his knowledge of all things fitness.  From the beginner level to our most advanced athlete, Russ always has good feedback and knows the right tweak to make any athlete excel.  His passion shows in his commitment to both his own strength and performance development and the results our members see.  He loves to make demanding workouts, give away burpee penalties, and look really tough while doing it.  But don’t be fooled, his bark is worse then his bite.