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12096218_10153704893119066_7914924703065142564_nBodybuilder turned CrossFitter

“I was initially cautious about CrossFit in general.  The programming at Toy Box is not like other CrossFit gyms I have encountered. I discovered that I didn’t lose a single but of strength I had built with my standard focused strength programming over the past 7 years.

In fact, I continued to get stronger, while all at the same time vastly improving my mobility, balance, and both aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.” – Nils Dahl

She never thought she could do pull-ups! 

Diane Henderson Soccer Mom

“I’m your typical Soccer-Mom.  If I can do it, you can too.

Don’t be intimidated by the CrossFit name.  The workouts are built to fit YOU based on your capabilities, so everyone can do it! I’m finally fit, healthy, and feeling great!”   – Diane Henderson

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IMG_1137It’s that one hour per day that’s YOURS!

“It’s an intense 1 hour that keeps me completely physically fit. It enables me to go out and keep doing the things I love to do.. Krav Maga, kite surfing, wake boarding, playing & keeping up with my five kids. I’m hooked!” – Chris Kirkpatrick

12347962_526003784237249_7603387582456933628_nWhen’s the last time you pushed yourself  past your limits?

“They’ve taught me that I can do things that I didn’t know I could do.   I’m constantly motivated, encouraged, inspired.  I’ve been pushed to new limits, fixed old injuries, and built friendships. The camaraderie here makes all the difference.   I’ve been working out my whole life, but this is what created the biggest change. Everything else was recreation” – Nancy Spiess


He used to be a runner, now he’s getting stronger!

“I love that the programming is done for me and that the coaches are very knowledgeable.  I’ve found that making it through the WODs makes everything else in my life seem easier.” – Hari Rao