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  • You meet with friends for the best hour of your day!


Donna Giesler, Owner, CFL1, CFL2, USAW L1, TFW L1 & L2

From soccer to swimming & diving, to bodybuilding splits, triathlon racing and Crossfit, Donna has always made fitness fun.   

“I got lost in corporate life for a while, sitting at a desk & traveling all the time.  My health & fitness took a back seat because it felt like a chore to just “exercise”.  But the point came where I couldn’t button my pants.   When I committed to change, there were people along the way that positively influenced my life forever with their knowledge and their support.    Now I just want to pass that forward.”

Donna’s training centers on the belief that results come from doing things you enjoy.  Fitness is a gift and training with other people who share similar goals makes it incredibly rewarding.  We’ve created a culture at Toy Box where learning, personal improvement, health and happiness  are top priorities.  When you commit to those things, anything is possible. 

Kathleen McCarthy, CFL1,  Brand X Method

From all-star cheerleader to sedentary adult with eating issues and uncertainty about her athletic future.  Kathleen’s life changed when she decided to dabble in CrossFit and found that it transformed her life into one filled with passion and renewed enthusiasm for the training lifestyle.  Fast forward two and a half years and now she’s one of the most dedicated coaches in the area who’s excited to share her passion and show people that life is better when you commit for your fitness.

Kathleen runs our Toybox Kids! program Monday-Thursday at 5:30pm.  Her goal is to teach kids a love of fitness that keeps them engaged and fit for life!




Sam Callahan, CFL1

A lifelong athlete, Sam is an advocate of overall fitness to improve your lifestyle. Having struggled with weight problems, he dropped 90lbs on his journey to become a better athlete and understands the struggle of real people. Years later he is a dedicated fitness advocate, earning his CFL1 and using his fitness to knowledge & experience to  coach others to do the same. 

Fun Fact: Sam is a Professional in shooting sports and enjoys all kinds of action sports.

“I love seeing people do better in their life through fitness! After realizing how much getting in shape helped me be a better person, athlete, and husband- I want to help others do the same. A simple change to your lifestyle can lead to happier, healthier days…and I want to help make that change!” 

Sam is enthusiastic and happy to help you reach your goals, or just become a better version of yourself! He specializes in Endurance style training and overall fitness for sports performance. He offers skill sessions and personal training to help you reach your individual goals.


Dayna Fennimore, NASM PT, CFL1, Nutrition Coach

If you like training before work, you’re lucky to see Coach Dayna in the early morning classes.  With a background that includes 12 years of Dance and Modeling, it’s no surprise that Dayna performs CrossFit movements with grace and ease. 

Building strength in the gym has not only improved her physical fitness, she’s also gained confidence and better health.  Her goal as a coach is to help other women realize their inner strength and that the barbell is often a ticket to empowerment and happiness. 

“I was  always thin but I wanted to be strong.  The feeling I get lifting has changed my life and I want to help other girls realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  Lifting will NOT make you bulky!”

Dayna offers Personal Training for those looking for specialized programming as well as Skill Sessions for anyone wanting extra technical help in their training.

Alejandra Sibaja, CFL1

As Coach of our Sweat Rx program, Alejandra makes working out into pure fun and entertainment!  By mixing things up with Kettlebells, dumbells, bands and balls, she kicks any fear to the curb and offers classes everyone loves.  

Her passion for fitness started with her own journey – getting into shape after becoming a Mom.  Now she shares her experience by encouraging and motivating others and helping all fitness levels overcome obstacles and be their best.



Andrew LaBruna, CFL1

Andrew is a lifelong lifter and fitness addict.   His venture into the CrossFit world came after years of body part splits & globo-gyms that left him ready for a new challenge.  Skeptical at first, he was hooked in no-time and realized this was his calling.   He left a career in sales to pursue a dream of helping others through fitness.   

“I’m here to tell you that ‘You can do this!’   Age is not a factor,  you can always get better.  Don’t be satisfied with Mom or Dad-bod, let me help you shape up and have fun doing it!”

Andrew offers Personal Training for those looking for specialized programming or to get started in our Beginner CrossFit package.   He also offers 30-minute Skill Sessions for anyone looking for extra technical help in their training. 


Tracy Fennimore, CPT

Having overcome struggles with weight and fitness, Tracy now coaches other beginners who want to change their lives. 

“I want to get middle aged people off the couch.  There is freedom from being in shape to be able to do the things you want to do. I’m here to help you get started, keep you going and help you change fitness from a chore into a lifestyle.”

Tracy specializes in offering Personal Training and “Buddy Training” for people looking to get started on a new fitness journey.



Our state of the art facilities contain bare bones equipment designed to maximize your work capacity and challenge you to get better every day.