Barbells for Boobs: A great morning of Community and Raising Awareness

I am sitting here typing this in a tutu.  The afterglow of Crossfit Toybox’s first event is fantastic.

We cannot thank all of the volunteers who came out and decorated last night, cooked tasty paleo treats, and cheered us on as we tackled “Grace meets Helen” and “Grace”.

However, an even more amazing story emerged this morning that must be told.  It is a story about friendship, loss, support and community.

Pictured above is Coach Donna and Maggie Wicks.  Maggie is Crossfit Toybox’s leading donor to Barbell for Boobs.  Three Years ago Maggie lost her best friend of 40 years to Cancer.  As serendipity seems to happen at Crossfit Toybox, today her friend would have been 49.   She reached out to us a few weeks ago and drove over an hour from Brick, New Jersey.

Maggie and Donna did a full  “Grace” each and then did “Helen” as a team.  Afterwards, Maggie told us about her friend Donna and her seven year battle with Cancer.  There were smiles, and definitely tears as we remembered their friendship.  Maggie raised enough money for three women to receive a free mammogram from Barbells for herself.   We are sure her friend Donna is smiling somewhere.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who participated!  See you next year!