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When you come to Toy Box, you’ll find a welcoming environment and real people who are getting real results. This is a community that keeps you accountable, keeps you moving towards your personal fitness & life goals, and helps you grow as an individual.  It’s a place you look forward to coming to for the best hour of your day!


“The camaraderie here makes all the difference.   I’ve been working out my whole life, but this is what created the biggest change.”

– Nancy S.

“The density of energy that is packed into one hour here is incomparable…you can’t find it anywhere else.  I went to another gym recently…there was no energy.  It made me appreciate this place even more.  It really offers every element of exercise.”

– Chris Kirkpatrick

“I continued to get stronger, while all at the same time vastly improving my mobility, balance, and both aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.”

– Jay Cyphert


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